“Orpheus is a work that fuses jazz, soul and blues, and a tiny trace of pop in precise doses, which summons more than one generation. The work is a collection of original songs and instrumental pieces, an example of the evident creative symbiosis between the experienced composer and guitarist Stefan Varga and the singer-songwriter Naomi Kraft." (Rezension aus Ecuador)

Stefan Varga guitars / Naomi Kraft vocals /Wolfgang Ritter double bass / Jens Biehl drums / Heiko Hubmann trumpet & flugelhorn

Composition Stefan Varga / Lyrics Naomi Kraft / Production Stefan Varga / Co-Production Wolfgang Ritter / Recording & Mix Heinz Hess, Art of June Studios

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Only By the Night (Single)
Baby blue (Single)
 ALBUM Orpheus

Impressions of ORPHEUS

NAOMI: Only By the Night (Clip from the album ORPHEUS)

Baby Blue (Clip from the album ORPHEUS)

Demo ORPHEUS on SoundCloud

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